We’re Game for the new seasonal menus in the Lake District

We’re Game for the new seasonal menus in the Lake District

Spring and autumn are particularly exciting times in the foodie calendar. Spring, the dawn of all things new where everything is green to match the landscape and autumn with its comforting colours but new seasonal deliciousness like game.

And game in the Lake District and Cumbria is some of the best in the UK and the ultimate seasonal ingredient, varied to suit so many tastes from the least to the most adventurous. It is tasty, adapts to a wealth of different cuisines and flavours and to top it all off, is a very healthy form of protein. Whether it’s pheasant, venison or rabbit, these wild meats are THE ingredient to have on any menu.

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For guests visiting the Lake District in the early autumn, it enables them to enjoy not just local produce but the most seasonal available, a double bonus. Applegarth Villa Hotel & Restaurant in Windermere feature game on their early autumn menu every year with 2016 being no exception. Enjoy main courses of Guinea Fowl & Pheasant with a Cognac & Thyme Jus and Venison Steak with a Black Cherry & Local Real Ale Reduction. Both dishes will delight game lovers as well as game newbies.

So give game a go this autumn and winter. It marries perfectly with Cumbria and the Lake District and is the freshest, tastiest and also the most nutritious way to eat.
The new seasonal menu at Applegarth Villa & Restaurant in Windermere can be viewed here, http://www.lakesapplegarth.co.uk/villa-restaurant/dinner-menu

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